Is it safe to travel to Colombia?

colombia-safe-to-travelWhen talking about Colombia there is always one thing that comes to peoples mind and that is its safety for tourists. So the question that is always asked first is, is it safe to travel to Colombia?

Before anyone can answer this question, they would have to ask where the tourist was thinking of going. I say this because Colombia is a big country; it is three times bigger than Germany, 40% bigger than France, twice as big as Spain, and Britain is just one fifth its size. This means that even if drug cartels are rampant in parts of the country, there is still a lot of country left to see, that is cartel free.

Because of the Basque separatists (ETA), it would be understandable for you to say you will avoid North Western Spain or South Western France but it is unlikely that you would not visit France or Spain because of the ETA.

Colombia is five times bigger than Ecuador, yet Ecuador, Brazil, Mexico and Venezuela all have a higher rate of kidnappings than Colombia. Would you also not visit these countries?

Another question that is often asked is, is Colombia safe to travel in?

The answer to this is, yes it is equally as safe to travel in as anywhere in Latin America; remember though that anywhere in Latin America it is advisable to travel during the day. The major roads, especially the ones between the major cities, are generally safe at any time.

Yes, because of the high drug activity, Colombia can be unsafe for tourists but only in certain areas (red zones) and these areas are in remote locations, mostly along the borders; although crossing the borders via the major road arteries is reasonably safe.

Visiting Colombia’s major cities on a  Colombia bus  or your personal conveyance is no more dangerous than any in Latin America and so take the same precautions and avoid remote locations especially if the locals say not to visit an area or you see a high police presence.