Medellin Nightlife – Nightclubs in Medellin

nightlife-medellinThe nightlife in Medellin is almost legendary and it alone makes Medellin a place worth visiting.

Whether it is Tango, Salsa or even just a night in the theater, Medellin Colombia nightlife has it all. From Thursday at about 10pm the action starts and rarely stops again until Sunday midnight and there really is something for everyone.

The type and number of nightclubs in Medellin is far too large to name here but as a rule of thumb, the Parque Lleras is considered the center of the city and the further from here the club is, the less foreigners will be in the club.

Medellin Nightlife

To emphasis the variety, here is just a sample of what is available: Amama Unica – Belly dancing, Karma – Reggae, Mia VIP Room – Modern Miami Style, Patio del Tango – Tango, GAR Bar – Salsa and there are a wealth of theaters, some often offering free performances.

Medellin, Colombia

Medellin really is a party town. The discos are always crowded and very loud, so loud that conversation is rarely an option but friendly anyway. The Clubs also offer music but will usually have food available and an atmosphere where conversation is possible.

The usual way for travelers to party in Medellin is to take buses en Colombia  and start at one of the clubs where you relax and have something to eat before moving on to one of the Discos for a lively finish.


Partying really is a way of life in Medellin and so don’t worry if you have just gotten into town and don’t want to wait till Thursday to get in on the action, there are places that are open all the time, for instance wait out till Thursday with:

SundayKarma – What could be better to get you partying than a mix of Reggae music and tropical cocktails?

MondayLa Octava – A friendly bar with Rock music, open 365 days of the year.

TuesdayEl Eslabon Prendido – Get to know the feeling of Medellin with live Salsa music.

WednesdayB Lounge – Be sure to take a girl with you as this is Ladies night here and all male groups may not be allowed in.

If you arrived at the weekend and you made it this far, then you really are ready for the real Medellin nightlife that starts from Thursday.