Enjoying the Mud Volcano in Cartagena

ImageDon’t be surprised, there are many people that have never heard of such a thing before but the Cartagena mud Volcano does exist and is a popular tourist attraction for visitors to Cartagena.

Actually it is not really the Cartagena mud Volcano; it is the Totumo Volcano, Cartagena and is situated about 30 miles outside of the city of Cartagena. Still, what’s in a name, the Volcano is there and the mud is there.

Coming to Cartagena in buses Colombia and then going for a visit to this volcano would definitely be a good day out. It has sightseeing, a mud bath, massage (optional), scrub down and a pleasant lunch after a relaxing day.

The day trip from Cartagena will drive you the 30 miles on a gravel road, through the Colombian countryside of swampy lowlands, to the volcano where you will get your first surprise. The volcano is no towering Mount Etna but a 65 foot mound. From the rim though, you can still see some great scenery of beautiful lakes, lagoons and greenery.

You would have been told to put your swimsuits on at the Hotel and so in some wooden huts to the side of the volcano you are asked to strip down to them and leave your belongings in the hut. You are then assisted into the thick, dark gooey mud inside the volcano. Here comes the second surprise, you don’t sink. You sort of float on the top with occasional bubbles passing up past you; a relaxing pleasurable feeling. It is whilst you are in the mud bath that you offered the optional massage.

After a while of relaxing, you are assisted from the mud into a lake of water. Here comes the next surprise. Some women remove your swimsuits under the water and start to scrub them clean. Whilst this is happening your hair nails and everything else are scrubbed clean. The suits are returned to you and you are led back to the hut to collect your belongings.

On the way back to Cartagena, you stop at a fishing village for lunch, all included in your price of the ticket; an amazing $15.